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Why Property
in Dubai

In 2002 Sheikh Mohammad declared his vision to create a global city of the future, this marked the start of the boom of property in Dubai. A key part of this vision was the decision to allow foreign property investors to participate in the burgeoning Dubai property market.

The future of Dubai lies in its unique business and leisure environment created with a partnership of domestic and foreign investment in property in Dubai.

Why Buy Property in Dubai?
  • Growing Demand: Dubai's population is forecast from 1 million to 3 million with visitors numbers set to almost triple from 6 million to 15 million by 2010 Controlled Supply: The government is carefully managing supply to promote strong gains and return
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Income Tax
  • No Tax on Rental Income
  • Land Registration Tax: 1.5% due on completion
  • Straightforward Buying Process - No Company Formation Needed
  • Favourable Payment Structure with Deferred Payments
  • Capital Growth: Increases of between 15% to 25% year on year
  • Rental Returns: Rising Rental Income
  • Automatic Resident Visas With Select Properties
  • Right to Own Freehold Property in Dubai
  • Huge investments in real estate are being made in Dubai promoting Dubai as one of the most dynamic urban centers in the world. See the photos of some of this projects
How to Buy Property In Dubai
Buying off plan property in Dubai is a straightforward process. All investment property available to overseas investors are in free zones with legal contracts that are checked and approved by the government.

       Property in Dubai
       can be yours!

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